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A beer and chocolate update

Hands up, it has been a bit of a slow start to the year with the day job taking up a lot of focus, but that doesn’t mean I have not made any progress.

Christmas was a great launchpad for the project; it meant CBC could launch with 3 flavours because of the increased demand, which in turn meant we could try different types of beer. Would a sour beer work? Yes! Confirming we could go in any direction. Overall, the feedback and sales of the chocolates validated that CBC was here to stay.

I can honestly say I am so excited about what CBC could achieve this year. I know the support that everyone has given the project will continue to share and drive it forward! (Thank You!!)

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Tom from Bristol Beer Factory, George from Moor Beer and Electric bear for their continued support!

So what have I been doing?

Mostly talking and formalising the plan for the year ahead. This year, CBC wants to continue delivering consistency, quality and new collaborations. We will be scaling back the range to focus on 3 threads:

1,  Bristol Beer Factory’s Milk Stout: This is a no-brainer flavour and with the heritage of the brew too, we have decided to push Milk Stout as our core chocolate. This means hotels, retailers, gifting and, fingers crossed, awards.

2, Exclusive Flavours: We will be working with amazing breweries to deliver exclusive flavours. As a small business, we will only be able to provide a limited supply of any flavour.  

3, Involvement and engagement: Before making any chocolates we will visit the brewery, try the beers and open up the voting so CBC followers can have their say. You’re invited to join the brewery trips, more info coming soon.

We will also probably look at some events this year and seasonal partnerships.

Thanks for reading

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