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Wild Beer Millionaire & Strawberry Line

Could this be the future, 2 flavours in 1 can?


Taking inspiration from a sweet dessert this is our salted caramel chocolate milk stout. Decadent in the extreme it is as desert like as the eponymous chocolate caramel shortbread.

Strawberry Line 

Celebrating the Somerset terroir, loaded with 800kg of local strawberries, added to a barrel aged local grape fermented sour beer. Crisp, bright and full of strawberry deliciousness.

The truffle: Millionaire – Extra creamy and chocolatey the milk stout. | Strawberry Line – full-on strawberry

Ed’s comment – “At the beginning, I was not sure if sour beers would work but I was so wrong! The taste you get from a small amount of beer is amazing ”



What’s included?

1x Craft Beer Chocolates 330ml can in a box including:

  • 10x or 6x Wild Beer Millionaire Stout and Strawberry Line Craft Beer Chocolate truffles (Dark chocolate shell)

Shelf life 4 months