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Our brewery partners

We’ve partnered with only the best breweries, providing us with only their best beer. Find our more below.


Bristol Beer Factory

Established in 2004 Bristol Beer Factory has been creating traditional styles of beer with modern interpretations, brewed in a hundred-year-old brewery building here in Bristol.

They do offer brewer led tours of the brewery that can be booked on their website, you will get to try and see how their Award Winning beers are made.

The beers we use

Low Rider | Milk Stout


Electric Bear

A microbrewery based in Bath creating eclectic, modern, flavourful and award-winning beers for the bold and the curious.

Craft brewery started in 2015. Brewing contemporary craft beer and experimenting with flavours. All our beers are vegan.

The beers we use

Gose And It Goes and It Gose  | Blackberry Gose


Moor Beer Company

Great beer is about flavour, drinkability and enjoyment. We take the German naturally hazy (naturtrüb) approach, combine it with American flavour-forward techniques as well as the British tradition of secondary refermentation to craft uniquely dynamic, sessionable beers.

The beers we use

Old Freddy Walker | Old Ale


Wild Beer

We believe our beers are more memorable and more flavourful because we make them using nature, science and a little Somerset magic.

Set against the backdrop of the Somerset countryside, we are a true farmhouse brewery. Being surrounded by nature never fails to inspire our approach to making beer.

The beers we use

Millionaire Stout | Strawberry Line

Who next?

Who should be the next brewery to join us and why?